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The Sycamore Tree - Juli Baker always climbed this.

The Science Fair - Juli Baker wowed everyone here with her project.

The Incubator - When Juli decided to raise chicks for the science fair, her father helped her build this.

The Chicken Coop - After all six eggs lived from Juli's science project, she and her father built this.

The Booster Club Auction - This sponsored a fundraiser in which a group of boys had to prepare picnic lunches which would be auctioned.

Greenhaven Rest Home - David lives here.

The Sycamore Tree Painting - After Juli's favorite sycamore tree was cut down, her father created this.

The Baker Front Yard - Bryce tells Juli that everyone thinks this is a mess.

The Baker Brothers Band - Matt and Mike Baker, Juli's older brothers, formed this.

The Ice Cream Shop - When Juli and Robert visited David...

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