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Chapter 1: Diving Under

• When he was seven-years-old, Bryce Loski moved into a new neighborhood where he meets Juli Baker, who lives across the street.

• Juli seems pushy and Bryce does not like her because she pesters him constantly.

• Juli follows Bryce around at school and is doubly obnoxious according to Bryce because she is a straight-A student.
• Bryce decides to pretend to like Shelly in order to discourage Juli from being near him.

• Juli thinks she has to rescue Bryce from Shelly and gets in a fight with her.

• The principal tells Julie to let Bryce settle his own problems.
• Bryce cheats off Juli's paper during tests and Juli also helps Bryce by whispering the spelling of words during the spelling tests.

• Bryce plans to ditch Juli permanently in Junior High.

Chapter 2: Flipped

• Jenny has a big crush on Bryce from the moment she meets him. She wants...

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