Objects & Places from Flights: A Novel

Olga Tokarczuk
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This object symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of knowing one's customers. This object is used by a businessman in order to meet the expectations of the white Christians who visit his part of the world. This object is featured within the vignette entitled "Apuleius the Donkey."


This object symbolizes the power of collaboration. This object reflects the way in which each person on earth has knowledge and skills that could be helpful to at least one other person on earth. The narrator discusses this object in a reverential way, at one point referring to it as "the greatest wonder of the world" (72).


This object represents a sense of rebirth. As travelers walk into the relative darkness of this object in anticipation of travel, they enter a metaphorical birth canal in readiness for new experiences and a brand new worldview. This object is featured...

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