Daily Lessons for Teaching Flights: A Novel

Olga Tokarczuk
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Lesson 1 (from "Here I Am"- "Wikipedia")


Students will study Tokarczuk’s purpose for including visual elements within Flights.

The narrative of Flights contains many different images to accompany the narrative, such as when Tokarczuk provides a map drawn in 1911 that faithfully represents the journey of Odysseus or when she introduces a visual illustration comparing the features and shapes of a number of the world’s major rivers. Images such as these hasten the reader toward a more comprehensive understanding of the novel's plot, context, and setting. By studying the inclusion of images in Flights and by analyzing the images' effects on the reader's understanding of the story's intended themes, students will deepen their understanding of how visual elements can influence and shape the meaning of an alphabetical text.


Class Discussion: What is your favorite image provided within Flights? What specific elements of this image intrigue you and why? Do the included...

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