Flights: A Novel Fun Activities

Olga Tokarczuk
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Create a Three Dimensional Model

Create a 3-D model representing the connection between the man gazing out the window of the plane and the man on the ground. Pay close attention to the text's descriptions as you construct your model.

Switch Up the Story

Write a series of short vignettes that revolve around the topic of permanence and statisticity. Create at least three distinct yet connected vignettes focused on these topics.

Travel Collage

Create a collage using photographs of different locations to which you have traveled, either local or far-flung, and write a reflection about the memories associated with each picture in your collage.

Watch a Travel Television Show

Watch an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s series The Layover and write a review connecting some element of the show to an element included in the narrative of Flights.

Write a Eulogy

Write a eulogy to honor the life...

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