Flight Behavior: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where is Dellarobia going in the beginning of Chapter 1? Why?

Dellarobia is climbing the mountain behind her house in the beginning of Chapter 1. She is going to the top of the mountain in order to meet a younger man with whom she plans on beginning an illicit affair.

2. Where is the novel set? How does the setting influence the story?

The novel is set in rural Tennessee along the Appalachian Mountains. This setting is important because it is not the proper breeding grounds for monarch butterflies and the inhabitants of this area reflect the ideas of the uneducated, rural south.

3. What led up to Dellarobia's marriage? How old was she when she wed?

Dellarobia married Cub when she was 17 years old. They got married because Dellarobia got pregnant out of wedlock, but the child died due to being born prematurely.

4. How is Dellarobia's family described?

Dellarobia's mother and father died when she was younger and thus her family is Cub's family, including his mother Hester and his father Bear. Dellarobia and Cub have two children.

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