Flight Behavior: A Novel Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. What color is Dellarobia's hair described as in Chapter 1?


2. To what flowers are Dellarobia's children compared in a simile in Chapter 1?


3. What is Dellarobia wearing as she climbs the mountain in Chapter 1?

A suede jacket.

4. In what month does the novel begin?


5. What highway does Dellarobia observe from the hilltop in Chapter 1?

Highway 7.

6. How old was Dellarobia when she married?


7. How far does Hester live from Dellarobia's home?

1/2 mile.

8. Whose wife from the Bible does Dellarobia think of while climbing the mountan in Chapter 1?


9. How much did the boots cost that Dellarobia wears in Chapter 1?


10. In Chapter 1, Jimmy's eyes are compared to the amber glass of what?

A beer bottle.

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