Objects & Places from Flight Behavior: A Novel

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Monarch Butterflies

It is the unexpected arrival of these creatures in the novel's setting that sets off the action of the story.


These creatures play a predominant role in the narrative and provide the main income for the Turnbow family.

Money Birds

These creative objects are used to decorate the Christmas tree of the Turnbow family.

Mountain Fellowship Church

This setting in the novel is one that the protagonist sees as an escape from her unruly children, rather than a place of genuine faith.


This object is given to Preston for Christmas by "Santa Clause" and represents the bond between the lab assistants and the boy.

Angangueo, Michoac√°n

This setting is where the Delgado family lived before being forced to immigrate to the U.S. in search of work after their hometown was destroyed by flooding.

The Dollar Store

This setting is where Cub and...

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