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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Flaubert's niece ask for after Flaubert's death?

2. Although he had once thought of writing a book, what is Geoffrey's actual occupation?

3. What does Geoffrey ask Ed about the content of the letters?

4. With what writer does the biographer Enid Starkie compare Flaubert?

5. How did Flaubert first come to know Juliet Herbert?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whose deaths greatly affected Flaubert's life?

2. What factual information does Geoffrey tell the reader about himself?

3. What was included in the dictionary Flaubert wrote?

4. Why did Ed say he burned the correspondence between Juliet and Flaubert?

5. How successful was Flaubert during his student days?

6. What does Geoffrey think about omniscient authors of novels?

7. What does Geoffrey say is the difference between internal mistakes in writing literature and external ones?

8. Why is Geoffrey so anxious to meet with Ed a second time?

9. Explain why Flaubert refers to himself as a bear, and particularly as a white one.

10. What does Geoffrey say about coincidences?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The character of Felicite in "Un coeur simple" can be compared to Flaubert.

1) Briefly explain the plot of the story.

2) Explain what similarities that can be drawn between Felicite and Flaubert.

Essay Topic 2

Geoffrey dislikes critics; he points out the absurdity of the critic who found discrepancies in Flaubert's references to the color of Madame Bovary's eyes. He says that those kinds of discrepancies are internal problems, unlike external problems that are caused by a lack of research (giving the wrong date for a war in a novel, for example). Either defend Geoffrey's viewpoint or make an argument against it.

Essay Topic 3

Julian Barnes uses a variety of styles and innovations in "Flaubert's Parrots." Discuss several of these, including but not limited to, the dictionary and the examination paper. Explain the effectiveness of each and comment on their limitations.

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