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Short Answer Questions

1. As a student, what subject did Flaubert fail at?

2. What was the name of the greyhound that was Flaubert's final companion?

3. The dates in the second list of the chronology include those associated with what?

4. What had Ed lied about to the woman named Kent who gave him the letters?

5. What particular criticism does Starkie have of Flaubert's characterization of Madame Bovary?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Geoffrey think about omniscient authors of novels?

2. What examples of literary mistakes does the professor from Cambridge talk about?

3. Whose deaths greatly affected Flaubert's life?

4. What are several different parrots mentioned in the bestiary?

5. What is Flaubert's opinion of democracy?

6. How did Ed happen to get the letters between Julie and Flaubert?

7. Explain why Flaubert refers to himself as a bear, and particularly as a white one.

8. What was included in the dictionary Flaubert wrote?

9. What is the plot of "Un coeur simple"?

10. Why does Geoffrey say he hates critics?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"History is always incomplete" is a theme that surfaces repeatedly throughout the novel. Discuss this theme as it applies 1) to Geoffrey's inability to completely know everything he would like to know about Flaubert, and 2) to Geoffrey's inability to know everything about his wife.

Essay Topic 2

Explain and provide details about Geoffrey's irritation with Ed Winterton, both because of Winterton's personality and because of the destruction he committed. In addition, comment on whether or not you feel Geoffrey's irritation was warranted.

Essay Topic 3

What qualities or facts about Flaubert do you think drew Geoffrey to him in the first place? Consider Flaubert's biographical information, his relationships with women, his interest in the written words, and anything else you consider pertinent.

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