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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What particular criticism does Starkie have of Flaubert's characterization of Madame Bovary?
(a) He says that her eyes saw all when it was obvious she was often unaware.
(b) She says that he gives her differing eye colors in different chapters.
(c) She says that her temperament does not suit her actions.
(d) She says that there is no clear physical descriptiion in the book.

2. At the Hotel-Dieu, the museum is partly about Flaubert and partly about what?
(a) The French Revolution.
(b) Medical history.
(c) Natural history.
(d) World literature.

3. Geoffrey compares biographies to what objects?
(a) Nets.
(b) Photographs.
(c) Desks.
(d) Trains.

4. What did Flaubert's niece ask for after Flaubert's death?
(a) Flaubert's house.
(b) A cast of the writer's hand.
(c) Flaubert's stuffed parrot.
(d) The original manuscript of "Madame Bovary."

5. What happened after the dragoman lost his Scottish terrier?
(a) Flaubert bought the dragoman another Scottish terrier.
(b) The dragoman asked Flaubert if he could have Flaubert's dog.
(c) The dragoman looked for the dog for the rest of his life.
(d) The dragoman barked like a dog and the terrier answered back.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason does Geoffrey say that he does not like coincidences?

2. According to Du Camp, on whom was Madame Bovary modeled?

3. What is Geoffrey's marital status?

4. Who is Humbert?

5. From what diseases did Flaubert suffer?

Short Essay Questions

1. How successful was Flaubert during his student days?

2. Why does Geoffrey think Flaubert might also be compared to a camel?

3. What does Geoffrey find on the subject of Madame Bovary's eyes when he rereads the book?

4. What is ironic about the Flaubert's burial?

5. What places does Geoffrey go to learn more about Gustave Flaubert?

6. What examples of literary mistakes does the professor from Cambridge talk about?

7. What are some connections between Flaubert and Gertrude Collier?

8. What are the three parts of Braithwaite's chronology about?

9. What does Geoffrey think about omniscient authors of novels?

10. How did Ed happen to get the letters between Julie and Flaubert?

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