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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom did Flaubert have his most celebrated affair?
(a) Elisa Schlessinger.
(b) Louise Colet.
(c) His mother's maid.
(d) Mimi.

2. What is the parrot's name?
(a) Polly.
(b) Loulou.
(c) Mimi.
(d) Gustave.

3. If Geoffrey had his way, which of the following subjects would he not ban novel writers from using?
(a) Novels about small forgotten wars.
(b) Novels about love affairs.
(c) Novels set in Oxford or Cambridge.
(d) Novels about people reverting back to nature.

4. How did Flaubert first come to know Juliet Herbert?
(a) She was his mother's maid.
(b) She was his sister-in-law.
(c) She was governess to Flaubert's niece.
(d) He met her at church.

5. How does Geoffrey think authors legitimize coincidences?
(a) They use them to justify the endings of their books.
(b) They use them to justify their characters.
(c) They ignore criticism of the coincidences in their books.
(d) They call them ironies.

6. In the newspaper article Flaubert saved, what was the parrot trained to say?
(a) Curses.
(b) The days of the week.
(c) The name of its owner's lost love.
(d) Quotes from Shakespeare.

7. Although he had once thought of writing a book, what is Geoffrey's actual occupation?
(a) Doctor.
(b) Architect.
(c) Journalist.
(d) Lawyer.

8. After Flaubert published "Madame Bovary," what did Gertrude Collier Tenant publish?
(a) An edition of of her grandfather's journal.
(b) A critique of "Madam Bovary."
(c) The letters written to her by Flaubert.
(d) A romance novel.

9. What was Geoffrey's reaction to Ed's disposal of the letters?
(a) He was ambivalent.
(b) He felt Ed had done the morally correct decision.
(c) He was angry with Ed.
(d) He was thrilled.

10. What mistake in "The Lord of the Flies" does the professor from Cambridge talk about?
(a) Ralph dreams of a place he has never been and calls it home.
(b) No one thought of fishing, yet the boys ate fish.
(c) The boys come to the island on an obsolete aircraft.
(d) Piggy's glasses are for shortsightedness and could not have lit the fire.

11. Flaubert, who didn't believe in progress, thought that democracy made people what?
(a) Territorial.
(b) Stupid.
(c) Dependent on government.
(d) Unhappy.

12. What happened after the dragoman lost his Scottish terrier?
(a) The dragoman asked Flaubert if he could have Flaubert's dog.
(b) The dragoman looked for the dog for the rest of his life.
(c) The dragoman barked like a dog and the terrier answered back.
(d) Flaubert bought the dragoman another Scottish terrier.

13. Why does Geoffrey think that critics want to control literature?
(a) So they can impress their readers.
(b) So they can have power over others.
(c) So they can regulate the past.
(d) So they can keep the public from reading inappropriate material.

14. At the Hotel-Dieu, the museum is partly about Flaubert and partly about what?
(a) The French Revolution.
(b) Natural history.
(c) Medical history.
(d) World literature.

15. Who is Humbert?
(a) The Russian guide who took Flaubert to the top of the Great Pyramid.
(b) The translator who travels with Flaubert and Du Camp.
(c) The name of a Nabokov character who seduced young girls.
(d) The lawyer hired by Flaubert in Rouen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the greyhound that was Flaubert's final companion?

2. What mistake did Enid Starkie make when she published her biography of Flaubert?

3. What did the greyhound and Flaubert have in common?

4. Who should the author of a book be like, according to a quote Geoffrey has read?

5. Flaubert was born in what year?

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