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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Braithwaite's Dictionary of Accepted Ideas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the owner of the dog that Flaubert took for walks and kissed?
(a) Julie Herbert.
(b) Elisa Schlesinger.
(c) Caroline.
(d) Flaubert's mother.

2. Which of the following authors lived in Normandy?
(a) Flaubert.
(b) Miller.
(c) Cervantes.
(d) Nabokov.

3. Who always met Flaubert when he returned to Rouen from Mantes?
(a) Elisa Schlesinger.
(b) His mother.
(c) His sister.
(d) Maxine du Camp.

4. Why did Flaubert say that he wrote "Madame Bovary"?
(a) Because the idea came to him in a dream.
(b) Because he knew it would make his fortune.
(c) Because he hated realism.
(d) Because it was the true story of his mother's life.

5. What did the greyhound and Flaubert have in common?
(a) They were both orphans.
(b) They were both demanding.
(c) They were both ill at the same time.
(d) They both loved wine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aside from the fact that the house at Croisset was big enough for him to have a study, why else was it good for Flaubert?

2. Who was known as Flaubert's second mother?

3. What does Geoffrey think might be a reason why Flaubert refers to himself as a white bear?

4. What did Flaubert think should accompany scientific advances?

5. Why didn't Flaubert include many trains in his work?

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