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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, How I Tried to Teach the Theory of Three Dimensions to My Grandson, and with What Success.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who controls Flatland?
(a) The Men
(b) The Priests
(c) The Women
(d) All individuals equally

2. What power do women have in Flatland that makes them even more deadly?
(a) They can move very quickly.
(b) They can make themselves invisible.
(c) They can change into other forms.
(d) They can see further than any other form.

3. What method of recognition was no longer taught?
(a) Hearing
(b) Smell
(c) Sight
(d) Touch

4. Where are readers assumed to live?
(a) Earthland
(b) Pointland
(c) Timeland
(d) Spaceland

5. What does Hoffman say is the fourth dimension?
(a) Space
(b) Sound
(c) Time
(d) Movement

Short Answer Questions

1. What is A. Square's first question about Spaceland?

2. How was the bill going to destroy the aristocracy?

3. From which direction does rain fall?

4. What is the third deed the stranger does to prove his point of third dimensions?

5. What is the first deed the stranger does to prove his point of third dimensions?

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