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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, How I Tried to Teach the Theory of Three Dimensions to My Grandson, and with What Success.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the editor's defense of the second objection?
(a) That the author was writing as other historians have written.
(b) That the author was writing his true opinion, and has a right to his opinion.
(c) That the author was defending children through irony.
(d) That the author was pointing out the danger of religion.

2. What shape does the grandson almost grasp?
(a) A line
(b) A circle
(c) A triangle
(d) A cube

3. Why does A. Square call the stranger his "lordship"?
(a) He believes the stranger is a perfect circle.
(b) He believes the stranger is a king.
(c) He believes the stranger is his boss.
(d) He believes the stranger is the Chief Circle.

4. What is the first deed the stranger does to prove his point of third dimensions?
(a) Writes the situation out mathematically.
(b) Removes dishes from the sink.
(c) Rises above Flatland.
(d) Removes a tablet from a cupboard without opening the door.

5. What does the line claim to be?
(a) A Priest
(b) The King
(c) A Prince
(d) The Queen

Short Answer Questions

1. The second law for women is:

2. What does the editor say is his first reason for writing the preface?

3. Where does A. Square travel in his dream?

4. What recognition method is used as a teaching tool by the stranger?

5. What are women not taught to do?

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