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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, How I Tried to Teach the Theory of Three Dimensions to My Grandson, and with What Success.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first law for women is;
(a) They must enter houses on the West side.
(b) They must enter houses on the South side.
(c) They must enter houses on the North side.
(d) They must enter houses on the East side.

2. Who does A. Square decide is fit for his lesson?
(a) His son
(b) His grandson
(c) His daughter
(d) The Council

3. What bill sought to color women and circles the same?
(a) The Universal Recognition bill
(b) The Spaceland Color bill
(c) The Flatland Sight bill
(d) The Universal Color bill

4. What dimension does the stranger attempt to explain?
(a) The First dimension
(b) The Fourth dimension
(c) The Second dimension
(d) The Third dimension

5. Upon waking, who does A. Square plan to educate about dimensions?
(a) His grandson
(b) His wife
(c) The Council
(d) His daughter

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Equilateral triangle look like in Flatland?

2. What have the priests discovered about increasing laws against women that force them to be confined at home?

3. Why is touching on occasion inaccurate?

4. Who is Pantocyclus?

5. What does Hoffman say is the fourth dimension?

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