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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, How I Tried to Teach the Theory of Three Dimensions to My Grandson, and with What Success.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the shape claim to be?
(a) Many circles in one
(b) Many triangles in one
(c) Many hexagons in one
(d) Many squares in one

2. What changes A. Square's mind about who to educate first?
(a) He realizes women are too dim to understand.
(b) He is afraid of divorce.
(c) He is afraid of imprisonment.
(d) He cannot seem to recall the information as clearly.

3. What shapes are included in the Priestly order?
(a) Triangles
(b) Squares
(c) Circles
(d) Straight lines

4. After the war, who is still allowed to make color?
(a) The intellectuals
(b) Criminals
(c) Women
(d) The Chief Circle

5. The author notes these individuals have a similar experience in Spaceland that helps explain what things look like in Flatland.
(a) Sailors
(b) Mechanics
(c) Writers
(d) Tight rope walkers

Short Answer Questions

1. What does A. Square first notice about the stranger?

2. To what does the author compare Flatland?

3. Where are higher class youths sent for education?

4. The second law for women is:

5. What does the wife originally believe the shape that appears in the house is?

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