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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Concerning the Woman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what class does the Law of Nature not always apply?
(a) The Priests
(b) The Professionals
(c) The Middle Class
(d) The Tradesmen

2. What does the editor defend against at the end of the preface?
(a) The author's presentation of Circles
(b) The author's presentation of Squares
(c) The author's presentation of Triangles
(d) The author's presentation of Pentagons

3. How do families rise in standing?
(a) Each generation is born with one less side.
(b) They do not; statuses are unchangeable in Flatland.
(c) Each generation is born with one new side.
(d) Each generation is educated in a more superior manner.

4. Where are readers assumed to live?
(a) Spaceland
(b) Earthland
(c) Timeland
(d) Pointland

5. What happened to those who attempted to discover the source of light in Flatland?
(a) They were successful.
(b) They died.
(c) They were arrested.
(d) They went insane.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the editor's defense of the second objection?

2. What does the editor say is his third reason for writing the preface?

3. What happens to a line as it gets further away in Flatland?

4. What shape are soldiers?

5. What shape are women?

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