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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Concerning the Woman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What power do women have in Flatland that makes them even more deadly?
(a) They can change into other forms.
(b) They can make themselves invisible.
(c) They can move very quickly.
(d) They can see further than any other form.

2. What happens to a line as it gets further away in Flatland?
(a) It gets thicker.
(b) It gets smaller.
(c) It gets larger.
(d) It gets thinner.

3. What can inhabitants of Flatland NOT do?
(a) Rise above or beneath the surface
(b) Move north
(c) Move sideways
(d) Move south

4. What have the priests discovered about increasing laws against women that force them to be confined at home?
(a) Such actions result in the death of more men.
(b) Such actions result in the death of more women.
(c) Such actions result in higher birth rates.
(d) Such actions result in higher suicide rates.

5. Under what name was Flatland originally published?
(a) B. Triangle
(b) A. Square
(c) John Smith
(d) Edwin Abbott

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are there no windows in houses of Flatland?

2. What does Hoffman admit Abbott succeeded in defeating?

3. What does the editor compare Flatland's third dimension to in Spaceland?

4. In what year was Flatland written?

5. What does the editor say is his second reason for writing the preface?

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