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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, How I Came to Spaceland and What I Saw There.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dimension does the stranger attempt to explain?
(a) The Second dimension
(b) The Fourth dimension
(c) The Third dimension
(d) The First dimension

2. Why were women in support of the bill?
(a) They believed it would make them more intelligent.
(b) Their status would increase.
(c) They believed it would make them more attractive.
(d) They wanted style.

3. How does A. Square attack the stranger?
(a) With his hands
(b) With a knife
(c) With a gun
(d) With his hardest right angle

4. To what does the author compare Flatland?
(a) Sandpaper
(b) A book
(c) A piece of paper
(d) A globe

5. What is believed to cause deviance?
(a) A sense of rejection
(b) Lower class status
(c) Irregular shape
(d) Upbringing

Short Answer Questions

1. What group showed the most amazing display of color?

2. What method of recognition is considered illegal?

3. What does A. Square blame for the inhabitants' inability to discern North in the normal way?

4. What are women not taught to do?

5. What is customary for women in upper class homes to do at all times?

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