Flashman's Lady Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Harry Flashman.

In the novel, Harry Flashman is a British war hero from the 1840s. After coming back from his fabled adventures in Afghanistan, he continues his life in London as a womanizing socialite. Despite his gallivanting ways, he is married to the beautiful Elspeth.

2. What does Elspeth say in her diary in Chapter 1?

Flashman includes an entry of Elspeth's diary at the end of each chapter. In this entry Elspeth contrasts the forwardness of the ladies admiring her heroic but naïve husband with Haslam's discretion.

3. What is Flashman's relationship with Elspeth?

Flashman is married to a beautiful woman called Elspeth. He became her husband when her father caught them having sex in the shrubs. Flashman likes his wife, but he mixes his feelings up with the fact he likes sleeping with other women. He mostly stays with Elspeth because she has money.

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