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Ampohipotsy - The great natural amphitheater outside the Malagassy capital of Antananarivo.

Antananarivo - The name means City of a Thousand Towns, and is usually abbreviated to Antan'. It is 140 miles inland from the eastern coastal town of Tamitave.

Borneo - An island in the China Sea due east of Singapore. Pirates range the northern coast, particularly the northeastern sector, Sarawak.

Canterbury - The site of the annual Grand Cricket Week in which Harry Flashman is invited to play.

The Green Man - A London pub frequented by cricketers.

Lord's - A cricket venue at which Harry Flashman has always longed to play.

Madagascar - A large island off the east coast of southern Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is ruled by Queen Ranavalona from her palace in Antananarivo.

Mayfair - This is the fashionable district in London where Harry and Elspeth Flashman live.

Newgate Yard...

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