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The great natural amphitheater outside the Malagassy capital of Antananarivo.


The name means City of a Thousand Towns, and is usually abbreviated to Antan'. It is 140 miles inland from the eastern coastal town of Tamitave.


An island in the China Sea due east of Singapore. Pirates range the northern coast, particularly the northeastern sector, Sarawak.


The site of the annual Grand Cricket Week in which Harry Flashman is invited to play.

The Green Man

A London pub frequented by cricketers.


A cricket venue at which Harry Flashman has always longed to play.


A large island off the east coast of southern Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is ruled by Queen Ranavalona from her palace in Antananarivo.


This is the fashionable district in London where Harry and Elspeth Flashman live.

Newgate Yard

This is the London prison that draws huge crowds...

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