Flashman's Lady Character Descriptions

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Harry Flashman - He returns to London as the hero of Jallalabad, holding four medals for looking noble at the proper time. The six-foot, 182-pound Soldier, now in the reserves, cuts a dashing figure.

Don Solomon Haslam / Suleiman Usman - He is a mystery figure in two worlds. In London, no one knows anything about him beyond that he is rich and generous.

Queen Ranavalona - This character is mad, fickle, dangerous, and fiendishly cruel. Having banned Christianity, this character executes all believers.

James Brooke - He looks about 40, boyish, has dark-blue eyes, curly black hair with touches of gray, long side-whiskers, a tough-set mouth, and wears a pilot hat at a rakish angle.

Tom Brown - He is a forgiving Christian who is distraught when Flashy says he will begin training by visiting a brothel.

Mr. Fankanonikaka - A jolly little black butterball educated at Highgate...

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