Flashman's Lady Character Descriptions

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Harry Flashman

He returns to London as the hero of Jallalabad, holding four medals for looking noble at the proper time. The six-foot, 182-pound Soldier, now in the reserves, cuts a dashing figure.

Don Solomon Haslam / Suleiman Usman

He is a mystery figure in two worlds. In London, no one knows anything about him beyond that he is rich and generous.

Queen Ranavalona

This character is mad, fickle, dangerous, and fiendishly cruel. Having banned Christianity, this character executes all believers.

James Brooke

He looks about 40, boyish, has dark-blue eyes, curly black hair with touches of gray, long side-whiskers, a tough-set mouth, and wears a pilot hat at a rakish angle.

Tom Brown

He is a forgiving Christian who is distraught when Flashy says he will begin training by visiting a brothel.

Mr. Fankanonikaka

A jolly little black butterball educated at Highgate School, whose race discrimination he still resents...

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