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Chapter 1

• Harry Flashman's friend, Tom Brown, recruits him for a cricket match against Kent at Lords.

• During the cricket match, Flashman does the world's first hat-trick.
• After the match, a bookie called Tighe congratulates him. He gives Flashman champagne and £50 from his winnings.

• Flashman finds Elspeth in the arms of Don Solomon Haslam. He is teaching her archery, but Flashman suspects he wants more.
• When Flash arrives home, he burns an envelope containing the £50 Haslam gave him.

• The end of the chapter includes an excerpt from Elspeth's diary. She says she enjoys watching the ladies admiring her heroic but naive husband.

Chapter 2

• For eight months, the Flashmans enjoy their fame. Haslam becomes part of their social circle, though no one know who he really is.

• The Household Cavalry invites Flashman to play cricket at Canterbury.
• Before the match, Flashman runs into Tighe. Tighe offers Flashman £300 if he wins...

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