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Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Lord Raglan like beards?

2. Who does Flashman unexpectedly meet at the estate where he is staying?

3. Why does Prince William surprise Flashman?

4. How does Flashman describe the Battle of Alma from the start?

5. Who does Prince William fall in love with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Flashy helped the young naive "greenhorn" in the pool hall beat Cutts in a game of pool. Why did he help the greenhorn?

2. Describe how the Battle of Alma is exaggerated in English art.

3. Describe what made Flashman's spirits lift once he gets to Count Pencherjevsky's estate.

4. After the incident with Count Ignatieff, why does Flashman understand how Tsar Ivan got his nickname? What is Tsar Ivan's nickname?

5. How does Flashman catch Elspeth with Lord Cardigan? Describe the events.

6. How does Flashman react when Willy states that he wants a whore?

7. Explain the brutal incident that Flashman witnesses near the estate where he is to stay as a prisoner of war.

8. Describe Lord Raglan's reaction to Prince William's death.

9. Describe the scene in Varna when Flashman and Willy arrived.

10. Why does Flashman weep so bitterly when he finds Willy dead?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe how social standing and social climbing are at work in this book. How does it affect the characters?

Essay Topic 2

Do you think that Flashman at the Charge is a social commentary about the time period it was written in? Could it also serve as a social commentary to the time it was published in (1973)?

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 3, Flashman states that "this memorial isn't about the history of the war, but about me." Despite this pronouncement, he still provides a vivid account of the war. Give your opinion on why he stated the above and support your answer from the text.

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