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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Flashman sure that Afghanistan will side with the Russians?
(a) Because the Britishwere in a war with Afghanistan some 15 year prior.
(b) He didn't know, but he was hoping the Afghans would side with the British.
(c) Because the Russians were treating the Afghans better than the British.
(d) Because Afghanistan and Russia formed a secret alliance.

2. What does East want to do with the information about Item 7?
(a) He wants to escape and get the information to Lord Raglan.
(b) He wants to stay and try to woo Valla.
(c) He wants to stay and learn more about future invasions.
(d) He wants to buy the carraige for Valla himself.

3. What does Flashman suppose in the first line of Chapter 8?
(a) That he "probably shouldn't have tried to escape."
(b) That he "probably shouldn't have tossed Valla out of the carraige."
(c) That his "life has been full of poetic justice."
(d) That "East was not as good of a Christian" as he thought.

4. What is the danger that East heard?
(a) The shooting of guns.
(b) The crying of a woman.
(c) The cry of wolves.
(d) Distant hoof beats.

5. Once they arrive in Syr Daria, where is Flashman placed?
(a) In a jail at Fort Raim with two other prisoners.
(b) Flashman is chained to two Cossacks at all times.
(c) Flashman is handcuffed to Ignatieff at all times.
(d) Flashman has a specially guarded tent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the Silk One's father?

2. How long is Flashman guaranteed life for while in captivity with the Russians?

3. What does Flashman admire about Count Pencherjevsky?

4. After the Russian steam bath, what does Count Pencherjevsky propose to Flashman?

5. What language do the two other prisoners speak, and how does Flashman know?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why, even though Flashman is a British gentleman and soldier, Count Ignatieff tells him that Flashman will receive no mercy.

2. Explain how Flashman and East end up taking Valla with them on their escape.

3. Explain why Flashman called Yakub Beg and his companion Panthans.

4. Describe why Flashman feels comforted by the desert.

5. Explain how Flashman found out that the Silk One was actually a female.

6. Explain why Count Pencherjevsky doesn't like Valla's husband?

7. What obstacles must East and Flashman overcome in order to make a successful escape?

8. Describe the situation that Flashman walks into when he is put in the cell.

9. How does Flashman eventually get caught? What happens to Scud East?

10. How does Flashman try to get out of helping Yakub Beg and his people fight the Russians?

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