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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Yakub Beg tells Flashman that he is the first foreigner to what?
(a) Sit at the circle with them.
(b) Help them fight.
(c) Save his life.
(d) Infiltrate their Oasis.

2. What is Flashman's survival strategy for when the odds are against him?
(a) To have a positive attitude.
(b) To win over his captors.
(c) To focus.
(d) To stay calm and cheat.

3. Who does Flashman blame for him learning about Item 7?
(a) Aunt Sara.
(b) Scud East.
(c) Valla.
(d) Count Pencherjevsky.

4. What is the purpose of Aunt Sara introducing Flashman to the Russian steam bath?
(a) To get him to bathe himself.
(b) To get him to relax.
(c) To warm him up from the bitter Russian cold.
(d) To seduce him and test his virility.

5. How does the Count feel about Scud East?
(a) He doesn't really care one way or another.
(b) He wishes East were his son-in-law.
(c) He thinks East is soft and doesn't like him much.
(d) He thinks of East as a son.

6. How does Flashman flatter the Pencherjevsky family?
(a) He talks about how wonderful the Russian army is.
(b) He eagerly learns the Russian language.
(c) He decides to stay in Russia even though he is allowed to go home.
(d) He buys them expensive wine.

7. Why is Kutebar in the cell?
(a) Because he tried to rescue the Silk One.
(b) Because he stole from the Russians.
(c) Because he tried to rescue Yakub Beg.
(d) Because he got drunk and picked fight with the Russians.

8. What does Count Pencherjevsky believe is the main reason for serf uprisings?
(a) Their lack of good vodka.
(b) Sleeping with serf women or selling them as concubines.
(c) Their lack of shelter from the cold.
(d) Their lack of good food.

9. What does the Silk One call Flashman?
(a) A very brave man.
(b) An infidel.
(c) A coward.
(d) A fool.

10. How long is Flashman guaranteed life for while in captivity with the Russians?
(a) 4 months.
(b) He isn't guaranteed life.
(c) At least a year.
(d) 4 days.

11. Why does Scud invite Flashman outside to go for a walk to talk?
(a) Because he is afraid of Flashman and didn't want to be alone with him.
(b) Because there are "speaking tubes" in each of their rooms.
(c) Because the house is stuffy and warm.
(d) Because Scud feels like some exercise.

12. What does Flashman admire about Count Pencherjevsky?
(a) His brutish manner.
(b) His treatment of the serfs.
(c) His taste for fine things.
(d) His record as a solider.

13. Who puts Valla in Flashman's care during the peasant uprising?
(a) Count Ignatieff.
(b) Scud East.
(c) Aunt Sara.
(d) Count Pencherjevsky.

14. Once they arrive in Syr Daria, where is Flashman placed?
(a) In a jail at Fort Raim with two other prisoners.
(b) Flashman is handcuffed to Ignatieff at all times.
(c) Flashman is chained to two Cossacks at all times.
(d) Flashman has a specially guarded tent.

15. What is Flashman doing when East alerts him to danger during their escape?
(a) Daydreaming about Elspeth.
(b) Buttoning up his pants.
(c) Keeping look-out.
(d) Sleeping.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Flashman and East discover Item 7?

2. When the Russian Soldiers come upon Flashman in the snow, what do they do?

3. What do Kutebar and Flashman take turns doing?

4. Where do Flashman, East and Valla first refuel and get supplies during their escape?

5. What does East give Valla to make sure she sleeps for the majority of the ride?

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