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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Flashman and Scud East know each other from?
(a) The 11th Hussars.
(b) Rugby school.
(c) Scud was once a potential suitor for Elspeth.
(d) The army.

2. What happens as Flashman and East are nearly free?
(a) They are shot by Russian officers.
(b) The horses trip and the sled overturns.
(c) They get lost in a blizzard.
(d) They escape!

3. What is Flashman's survival strategy for when the odds are against him?
(a) To focus.
(b) To have a positive attitude.
(c) To stay calm and cheat.
(d) To win over his captors.

4. What does Flashman admire about Count Pencherjevsky?
(a) His record as a solider.
(b) His treatment of the serfs.
(c) His taste for fine things.
(d) His brutish manner.

5. Who is the Silk One's father?
(a) Yakub Beg.
(b) They don't know.
(c) Ko Dali.
(d) Kutebar.

6. Who puts Valla in Flashman's care during the peasant uprising?
(a) Aunt Sara.
(b) Count Ignatieff.
(c) Count Pencherjevsky.
(d) Scud East.

7. Yakub Beg makes Flashman his what?
(a) Chief spy.
(b) Blood brother.
(c) Second-in-command.
(d) Deputy.

8. Who says "Put no faith in women, and as much in Chinese"?
(a) The Silk One.
(b) Yakub Beg.
(c) Kutebar.
(d) Flashman.

9. What fairytale character does Flashman compare Count Pencherjevsky to?
(a) The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.
(b) The giant from Jack and the Bean Stalk.
(c) The evil queen in Sleeping Beauty.
(d) Grumpy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

10. How do East and Flashman manage the 5 to 6 hour sled ride to Yenitchi without freezing to death?
(a) They drink copious amounts of brandy.
(b) They both lie closely to Valla.
(c) They take turns driving.
(d) They sit closely to each other for warmth.

11. What fate awaits Flashman when he is captured after his escape attempt?
(a) Flogging.
(b) Stoning.
(c) Knouting.
(d) Hanging.

12. In order to make the sled go faster, what do East and Flashman have to do?
(a) Push the sled.
(b) Make the sled run straighter.
(c) Make the horses run faster.
(d) Make the sled lighter.

13. Why does Flashman lie to Valla?
(a) Becuase he likes to lie.
(b) Because he doesn't want her to get hysterical.
(c) Because he thinks it will be funny.
(d) Because he doesn't want her to worry about her father.

14. When Flashman finally goes to his cell after witnessing the "demonstration", why does he feel relieved?
(a) Flashman is happy to get away from Count Ignatieff's evil eyes.
(b) Flashman just wants to get some sleep.
(c) Flashman is relieved he wasn't knouted.
(d) Flashman is eager to plan his esacpe.

15. How does the Count think of Flashman?
(a) He does't care one way or another.
(b) He thinks Flashman is brave, but stupid.
(c) He thinks of Flashman as a son.
(d) He doesn't care much for Flashman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kutebar say that a word of thanks between warriors should be?

2. What action does Flashman take to accomplish the task of making the sled go faster?

3. How does the Count feel about Scud East?

4. What does the Silk One call Flashman?

5. When the Russians surround Flashman, what does he say he is waiting for?

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