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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as Flashman and East are nearly free?
(a) The horses trip and the sled overturns.
(b) They get lost in a blizzard.
(c) They are shot by Russian officers.
(d) They escape!

2. What is Flashman relieved to hear about Count Pencherjevsky and Valla?
(a) They they were injured, but going to be okay.
(b) That they didn't want Flashman to be tortured.
(c) That they had both died.
(d) That they are safe.

3. How do Flashman and East discover Item 7?
(a) Valla tells East when they are in bed together.
(b) Count Pencherjevsky confides in Flashman.
(c) Valla tells Flashman when they are in bed together.
(d) By eavesdropping on a secret military meeting.

4. Why does Flashman believe Scud East abandoned him?
(a) Because he was freezing and wanted to find shelter.
(b) Because he was terrified and wanted to get away.
(c) Because he truly wanted to deliver the message to Lord Raglan.
(d) Because Flashman tossed Valla overboard the sled.

5. When Flashman finally goes to his cell after witnessing the "demonstration", why does he feel relieved?
(a) Flashman is eager to plan his esacpe.
(b) Flashman is happy to get away from Count Ignatieff's evil eyes.
(c) Flashman just wants to get some sleep.
(d) Flashman is relieved he wasn't knouted.

6. Why is Flashman sure that Afghanistan will side with the Russians?
(a) Because the Britishwere in a war with Afghanistan some 15 year prior.
(b) Because Afghanistan and Russia formed a secret alliance.
(c) He didn't know, but he was hoping the Afghans would side with the British.
(d) Because the Russians were treating the Afghans better than the British.

7. Who puts Valla in Flashman's care during the peasant uprising?
(a) Count Pencherjevsky.
(b) Aunt Sara.
(c) Scud East.
(d) Count Ignatieff.

8. What does Flashman imagine he will be touted once he's able to get the news to his commanders about the Russian Invasion?
(a) The Russian Rogue.
(b) The Saviour of England.
(c) The Saviour of the Queen.
(d) The Saviour of India.

9. How does the Count think of Flashman?
(a) He thinks of Flashman as a son.
(b) He thinks Flashman is brave, but stupid.
(c) He doesn't care much for Flashman.
(d) He does't care one way or another.

10. What is the tortured man's name?
(a) Yakub Beg.
(b) The Silk One
(c) Kutebar
(d) Flashman can't understand his name.

11. Yakub Beg tells Flashman that he is the first foreigner to what?
(a) Infiltrate their Oasis.
(b) Sit at the circle with them.
(c) Help them fight.
(d) Save his life.

12. What action does Flashman take to accomplish the task of making the sled go faster?
(a) He whips the horses until they run harder.
(b) He throws the supplies and the sled cover overboard.
(c) He throws supplies, the sled cover and Valla overboard.
(d) He gets out and pushes the sled.

13. Why does Scud invite Flashman outside to go for a walk to talk?
(a) Because the house is stuffy and warm.
(b) Because Scud feels like some exercise.
(c) Because he is afraid of Flashman and didn't want to be alone with him.
(d) Because there are "speaking tubes" in each of their rooms.

14. What is Item 7?
(a) A planned Russian invasion of Britain.
(b) A new carriage that Count Pencherjevsky wants to buy for Valla.
(c) A 30,000-man Russian invasion of Northern India.
(d) A planned Russian retreat in Crimea.

15. What does East give Valla to make sure she sleeps for the majority of the ride?
(a) Tylenol PM.
(b) Laudanum.
(c) Vodka.
(d) Brandy.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ignatieff asks Flashman about Item 7, what does he say?

2. Who is the Silk One's father?

3. Where is Flashman eager to get to after he's been rescued?

4. What is Flashman the most terrified of during his and East's escape?

5. What makes Flashman re-think rebelling against the work he is doing in the cell?

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