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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Flashman and East discover Item 7?
(a) Count Pencherjevsky confides in Flashman.
(b) Valla tells East when they are in bed together.
(c) By eavesdropping on a secret military meeting.
(d) Valla tells Flashman when they are in bed together.

2. What does East do to Flashman when their escape fails?
(a) East runs away in fear.
(b) East decides to stay and fight with his commrade.
(c) East miraculously lifts the sled off Flashman and they escape.
(d) East abandon's him underneath the overturned sled.

3. What is the purpose of Aunt Sara introducing Flashman to the Russian steam bath?
(a) To warm him up from the bitter Russian cold.
(b) To get him to relax.
(c) To seduce him and test his virility.
(d) To get him to bathe himself.

4. Why is Kutebar in the cell?
(a) Because he tried to rescue the Silk One.
(b) Because he stole from the Russians.
(c) Because he tried to rescue Yakub Beg.
(d) Because he got drunk and picked fight with the Russians.

5. How does the Count think of Flashman?
(a) He thinks Flashman is brave, but stupid.
(b) He does't care one way or another.
(c) He doesn't care much for Flashman.
(d) He thinks of Flashman as a son.

6. What happens as Flashman and East are nearly free?
(a) They get lost in a blizzard.
(b) The horses trip and the sled overturns.
(c) They are shot by Russian officers.
(d) They escape!

7. In order to make the sled go faster, what do East and Flashman have to do?
(a) Make the sled run straighter.
(b) Push the sled.
(c) Make the sled lighter.
(d) Make the horses run faster.

8. Who does Count Pencherjevsky's family consist of?
(a) Himself and his daughter only.
(b) Himself, his wife and his daughter, Valla.
(c) Himself only; he doesn't think much of women.
(d) Himself, his daughter Valla, and Aunt Sara.

9. What does East give Valla to make sure she sleeps for the majority of the ride?
(a) Vodka.
(b) Tylenol PM.
(c) Brandy.
(d) Laudanum.

10. What is Flashman relieved to hear about Count Pencherjevsky and Valla?
(a) That they didn't want Flashman to be tortured.
(b) That they are safe.
(c) That they had both died.
(d) They they were injured, but going to be okay.

11. Why is Flashman sure that Afghanistan will side with the Russians?
(a) Because Afghanistan and Russia formed a secret alliance.
(b) Because the Britishwere in a war with Afghanistan some 15 year prior.
(c) Because the Russians were treating the Afghans better than the British.
(d) He didn't know, but he was hoping the Afghans would side with the British.

12. How does Flashman wake up on the second night of being in the cell?
(a) With Kutebar's hairy paw over his mouth to quiet him.
(b) He hears screaming and awakes ready to fight.
(c) Peacefully.
(d) He wakes up sweating from a terrible nightmare.

13. What is the danger that East heard?
(a) The crying of a woman.
(b) The cry of wolves.
(c) The shooting of guns.
(d) Distant hoof beats.

14. How do East and Flashman manage the 5 to 6 hour sled ride to Yenitchi without freezing to death?
(a) They sit closely to each other for warmth.
(b) They take turns driving.
(c) They drink copious amounts of brandy.
(d) They both lie closely to Valla.

15. What does Count Pencherjevsky believe is the main reason for serf uprisings?
(a) Their lack of good vodka.
(b) Sleeping with serf women or selling them as concubines.
(c) Their lack of good food.
(d) Their lack of shelter from the cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Flashman imagine he will be touted once he's able to get the news to his commanders about the Russian Invasion?

2. Why is the peasant uprising opportune for East and Flashman?

3. What language do the two other prisoners speak, and how does Flashman know?

4. What noise does Kutebar make in the cell during the dead of night at Fort Raim?

5. When the Russians surround Flashman, what does he say he is waiting for?

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