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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Marjorie's party in Chapter 2, what does Flashman stumble upon Elspeth and Lord Cardigan doing?
(a) Dancing together.
(b) Riding together on Lord Cardigan's horse.
(c) Shopping together.
(d) About to be intimate.

2. Why is Flashman's wife mortified?
(a) Because he wouldn't be wearing the proud pink and blue of the 11th Hussars.
(b) Because he is having an affair.
(c) Because he is a coward.
(d) Because he wasn't able to get into the Board of Ordnance.

3. What surprises Flashman about the Russian peasants?
(a) That they are slaves.
(b) That they are so smart.
(c) That they are so dirty.
(d) That they are so poor.

4. How does Flashman find his journey through the Russian countryside?
(a) He is homesick, but he is enjoys the journey.
(b) Cold, but fun.
(c) Quite exciting.
(d) Depressing, dreary and frightening.

5. Why does Flashman pull strings to join the Board of Ordnance?
(a) Because he wants to impress his wife.
(b) Because he is in a hurry to prove himself as a hero.
(c) Because he believes it is the safest, and he knows he cannot avoid service.
(d) Because he gets along very well with its commander, Lord Cardigan.

6. Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army?
(a) He isn't introduced in the chapter.
(b) Flashman.
(c) Lord Raglan.
(d) Lord Cardigan.

7. When Lord Raglan tells Flashman to go after Willy, what does Flashman initially do?
(a) He pretends like he doesn't hear Raglan.
(b) He hesitates.
(c) He gallops in the opposite direction.
(d) He goes straight after him.

8. Once Flashman gets to mainland Russia, where do they keep him?
(a) In a prison.
(b) He never goes to mainland Russia.
(c) On a country estate.
(d) At a local police station.

9. What does Willy do to annoy Flashman as they are leaving for war?
(a) He decides not to go.
(b) He sleeps in that morning.
(c) He cries, saying he will miss his favorite prostitute.
(d) He speaks about how exciting it is and are eager.

10. What does Flashman insist about his reputation?
(a) That it's an exaggeration.
(b) That he earned it.
(c) That it's all lies.
(d) That it is a fluke.

11. Who's estate is Flashman staying at while he is a prisoner of war?
(a) With Count Pencherjevksy.
(b) With Count Ignatieff.
(c) The estate of a peasant family.
(d) It's an old hotel in the Russian countryside owned by the government.

12. How does Flashman describe the Russian civil servants?
(a) As very nice, but stupid.
(b) As a bad lot who were pompous and stupid.
(c) As genial drunks.
(d) As stoic goverment servants.

13. What two characteristics are used to paint Lord Cardigan as a villain?
(a) His flirtatious nature and his speech impediment.
(b) His smile and his flirtatious nature.
(c) His speech impediment and obnoxious laugh.
(d) His deafness in one ear and his obnoxious laugh.

14. How does Flashman meet Captain Count Nicholas Pavlovitch Ignatieff?
(a) They meet while drinking at the local pub.
(b) He meets the Captain when the Captain beats a local registrar who insulted Flashman.
(c) They meet because that's who Flashman will be staying with in Russia.
(d) They meet on the front line of the battle.

15. What is in the locket that Willy has around his neck?
(a) A lock of hair.
(b) A picture of his favorite prostitute.
(c) A picture of Elspeth.
(d) A picture of the Queen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Lucan tell Flashman he is to accompany in case there's need of a galloper?

2. Who is the "fastest" galloper that Raglan sends to deliver a message to Lucan?

3. After finding out about Willy's fate, what does Raglan ask Flashman that seems inappropriate?

4. Where is Campbell from?

5. How close is the Russian charge before Campbell finally allows his troops to fire?

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