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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Flashman clearly been trying to avoid?
(a) An active role in the Crimean War.
(b) A dull and pointelss life.
(c) Lord Cardigan.
(d) Lord Raglan.

2. Who is the "fastest" galloper that Raglan sends to deliver a message to Lucan?
(a) Harry Flashman.
(b) Lord Cardigan.
(c) Billy Russell.
(d) Lew Nolan.

3. What does every traveler have to show while traveling in Russia?
(a) A passport.
(b) A driver's license.
(c) Their "ticket to live."
(d) A train ticket.

4. Who or what does Prince William turn out to be?
(a) The greenhorn that Cutts took advantage of at the pool hall.
(b) A lazy, good-for nothing royal.
(c) A spoiled brat.
(d) A brilliant soldier, eager to do battle.

5. How does Flashman meet Captain Count Nicholas Pavlovitch Ignatieff?
(a) They meet while drinking at the local pub.
(b) They meet on the front line of the battle.
(c) They meet because that's who Flashman will be staying with in Russia.
(d) He meets the Captain when the Captain beats a local registrar who insulted Flashman.

6. How close is the Russian charge before Campbell finally allows his troops to fire?
(a) At least a mile.
(b) 200 yards away.
(c) 100 yards away.
(d) 50 yards away.

7. Who is Billy Russell?
(a) He is a soldier.
(b) He is Lew Nolan's valet.
(c) He is a journalist.
(d) He is Flashman's good friend.

8. Where does Campbell believe that the main Russian advance will be directed?
(a) South of the Causeway.
(b) Back towards Balaclava.
(c) North of the Causeway.
(d) He doesn't think there will be another Russian advance.

9. Who does Lucan tell Flashman he is to accompany in case there's need of a galloper?
(a) Lew Nolan.
(b) Himself.
(c) Lord Cardigan.
(d) Lord Raglan.

10. How does Flashman teach Cutts a lesson?
(a) He says that he will "get him back".
(b) He starts a fight in the pool hall.
(c) He sits him down and gives him a long, stern talking to.
(d) He gets a "shaved" ball and makes a public fool of Cutts.

11. Why does Flashman teach Cutts a lesson at the pool hall?
(a) Because he hustled a game of pool and took 15 pounds from a greenhorn.
(b) Because Cutts insulted Lord Cardigan.
(c) Because Cutts was trying to get involved romantically with his wife.
(d) Because Cutts insulted his wife.

12. What does Willy do to annoy Flashman as they are leaving for war?
(a) He speaks about how exciting it is and are eager.
(b) He decides not to go.
(c) He sleeps in that morning.
(d) He cries, saying he will miss his favorite prostitute.

13. For a month after the war begins, what are Flashman and Prince William doing?
(a) Fighting at the front.
(b) Staff work and social engagements.
(c) Hiding from the action.
(d) Training to fight.

14. When Lord Raglan tells Flashman to go after Willy, what does Flashman initially do?
(a) He hesitates.
(b) He goes straight after him.
(c) He pretends like he doesn't hear Raglan.
(d) He gallops in the opposite direction.

15. What two characteristics are used to paint Lord Cardigan as a villain?
(a) His deafness in one ear and his obnoxious laugh.
(b) His smile and his flirtatious nature.
(c) His flirtatious nature and his speech impediment.
(d) His speech impediment and obnoxious laugh.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Prince Albert painted as a character?

2. What word does Flashman search for as he lies on the ground waiting for Russian swords to pierce him?

3. How does Flashman describe the Battle of Alma from the start?

4. What does Flashman say is common practice when a staff galloper is given a written message?

5. Who does Elspeth attend a dance with in May?

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