Flashman at the Charge Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Elspeth's reaction when she finds out that Flashy has signed up with the Board of Ordnance instead of his old regiment the Hussars.

Elspeth is mortified that he won't be wearing his old uniform, stating that she thinks she may have fallen in love Flashy in the first place because of his uniform.

2. What reason is given for Lord Cardigan kicking Flashy out of the 11th Hussars 14 years earlier?

Lord Cardigan is said to have kicked out Flashman because he married Elspeth, who was a tradesman's daughter.

3. How does Flashy describe the Board of Ordnance, and how does he decide to get through it?

Flashman describe the Board of Ordnance as dreadfully boring and decides that the only way he'll get through the boredom is to spend as little time as possible on his work and as much time as possible on his social life.

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