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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lord Raglan and Flashman are speaking about William after the battle, what does Raglan tell Flashman he has done?
(a) That he needs a little work in some areas.
(b) That he has shown great bravery.
(c) That he has done a very good job.
(d) That he has failed, utterly and completely.

2. What does Billy Russell tell Flashman will happen "in a day or so"?
(a) That Flashman will be kicked out of the army for allowing Willy to die.
(b) That they'll get to go home.
(c) That the war will be over.
(d) That Lord Raglan won't hold a grudge against Flashman for Prince Williams death.

3. What regiment does Flashman "tactfully" suggest that he and Prince William be assigned to?
(a) The 11th Hussars.
(b) Flashy suggested that they stay out of any combat.
(c) The 17th.
(d) The Board of Ordnance.

4. How does Flashman describe the Battle of Alma from the start?
(a) "Terrifying."
(b) "Exhilerating."
(c) "Well organized."
(d) "Blooy luncay."

5. Why does Flashman teach Cutts a lesson at the pool hall?
(a) Because Cutts was trying to get involved romantically with his wife.
(b) Because Cutts insulted Lord Cardigan.
(c) Because Cutts insulted his wife.
(d) Because he hustled a game of pool and took 15 pounds from a greenhorn.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what do Raglan and Airey mistakenly attribute Flashman's tears to?

2. What is the date that the entirety of Chapter 4 takes place on?

3. What diseases are both the British and the Russian armies suffering from?

4. Who does Prince William fall in love with?

5. What does Lord Cardigan invite Elspeth to do with him?

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