Flashman at the Charge Fun Activities

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Acting Out A Scene

Break the students into groups of 3 or 4. Have them pick a scene from the first three chapters to act out. Have them videotape the scene and show them in class.

Write Your Own Article

History is written in the eye of the beholder. Research one of the battles that Flashman describes in Flashman at the Charge using real historical sources. Using 3 to 4 sources, write your own newspaper article on the same battle as if you were reporting it to the masses in England.


Have the students break into pairs. Have one student be the interviewer and one play a major character from Flashman at the Charge. Videotape the actual interview and then have both students write a magazine article profiling the character.


Write a poem describing the Battle of Alma from Flashman's perspective. The poem can be in any style as long...

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