Flashman at the Charge Character Descriptions

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Harry Flashman - This character is the novel's narrator, who insists that while having a reputation as a hero, he is actually a bully, a knave, and a coward.

Lord Raglan - This character is a historical figure who commands all the Allied troops in Crimea.

Count Nicholas Pavlovich Ignatieff - This character is a brutal, young Russian diplomat who is described by the narrator as being self-assured and abrupt.

Ko Dali's Daughter - This character is known as the Lady of the Great horde and the Silk One.

Richard Airey - This character is the quartermaster-general to the commanding General, and is who this General uses as an intermediary to send messages to his reports.

Yakub Beg - This character is descended from Timerlaine the Great and is a Tajik military leader fighting to prevent a Russian take-over of the lands East of the Caspian Sea...

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