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Chapter 1

• Flashy joins the safe Board of Ordnance.

• Elspeth wants Flashy to rejoin the 11th Hussars.

• Flashy helps a greenhorn get revenge on Cutts.

• Lord Cardigan flirts and makes passes at Elspeth.
• Lord Raglan is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

• Lord Raglan transfers Flashy to supervise Prince William of Celle.

• Prince William turns out to be the "greenhorn" that Flashy helped.

• Flashy catches Lord Cardigan in a compromising position with Elspeth.

• Lord Cardigan and Flashy ride to war, hating each other.
• Flashy resumes his life story in 1854.

• England is on the brink of war with Russia.

• Flashy insists his reputation is a fluke and a series of accidents.

Chapter 2

• Flashy and Prince William get along very well.

• They join the 17th Lancer Regiment.

• Elspeth is happy to be among high society, thanks to the Prince.

• Flashy takes the Prince to an up-market whorehouse.
• Prince William falls in love...

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