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Louis Giannetti
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which director, during America in the 1940s, became renowned for film adaptations of literature?

2. What fear arose about an audience's viewing experience as films grew longer?

3. What were the only restrictions placed on directors in the 1920s?

4. The Kinetoscope was developed by Thomas Edison and _______ _______.

5. Upon whose model of mass production did the Hollywood studio system manufacture films in the Golden Age?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who were some of the top independent filmmakers of the 1990s and what were some of their works?

2. What were some of the biggest problems facing the film industries of the Third World in the 1980s?

3. How did the Film D'Art come to be?

4. How did Great Britain's entertainment industry fare in the 1970s?

5. What was the Third Cinema theater realism?

6. Why did so many artists leave Europe in the thirties and how did this effect the film industry?

7. How did the Soviet Union change Czechoslovakia's film industry in the 1960s?

8. Who were some of the popular stars from the 1920s and of what did their acts consist?

9. How did the "New Model" come to be formed in 1985?

10. What was the New Wave movement in France?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How did the politics of the Third World countries try to prevent the film industries from growing? Discuss the difficulties and dangers the filmmakers would encounter, as well as the issues they had with marketing the film to an international audience.

Essay Topic 2

How did greed help shape Hollywood? In what ways did Eli Whitney and the Patent Company set the standard business model in Hollywood with the strict purpose of making more money?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the detrimental effects of the studio system on the creative process.

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