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Louis Giannetti
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the standard amount of time devoted to creating a picture during David Wark Griffith's development of film?

2. What sort of documentaries dominated the filmmaking business in America in the 1940s?

3. What film helped open up the world to the power of British filmmaking in the 1930s?

4. Who helped Edison open a Kinetoscope parlor?

5. The Kinetoscope was developed by Thomas Edison and _______ _______.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was David Wark Griffith?

2. Who were some of the top independent filmmakers of the 1990s and what were some of their works?

3. How and why did the quality of mass-produced films diminish in the 1980s?

4. What were some of the biggest problems facing the film industries of the Third World in the 1980s?

5. What led to the mass migration of film production from New York and New Jersey to California?

6. How was the status quo of Hollywood's biggest revenue and adaptations altered in the new millennium?

7. Why was the French film industry nearly destroyed because of World War II?

8. How did Germany's film industry attempt to recover from World War II?

9. As the studios declined with the invention of the television, how did Americans' tastes in film subject begin to change?

10. What were some of the prominent trends in European cinema in the 1950s?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In what ways did the economy determine and depend upon the successes of the film industry in both war and peace time?

Essay Topic 2

In what ways did Hollywood establish itself as a vital aspect of the American people during times of great turmoil? What does this suggest about the audience's need for escapism and reassurance? How did Hollywood help the country psychologically heal itself during the Great Depression?

Essay Topic 3

Consider the first several decades of film took place in the midst of several wars, what responsibility did the filmmakers have to their audiences? How did the roles of these directors change from the United States to Europe? How did filmmakers handle the world wars when faced with Nazi persecution?

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