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Louis Giannetti
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who helped Edison open a Kinetoscope parlor?
(a) Eadward Muybridge.
(b) Norman Raff.
(c) William Dickson.
(d) Jean Louis Meissonier.

2. During World War II, which director became known for his films that examined sex, greed, and the inherent sadism of humans?
(a) Billy Wilder.
(b) John Huston.
(c) Alfred Hitchcock.
(d) Orson Welles.

3. For what reason did many great artists leave Europe for America in the 1930s?
(a) Low production values.
(b) The studios lured them to America.
(c) Political exiling.
(d) Nazi persecution.

4. The Kinetoscope was developed by Thomas Edison and _______ _______.
(a) Jean Louis Meissonier.
(b) William Dickson.
(c) Norman Raff.
(d) Eadward Muybridge.

5. Upon whose model of mass production did the Hollywood studio system manufacture films in the Golden Age?
(a) F.W. Murnau.
(b) Thomas Edison.
(c) Orson Welles.
(d) Eli Whitney.

Short Answer Questions

1. What studio did William Fox and Carl Laemmle eventually form?

2. During the Golden Age, what part of the film was frequently lost in favor of the star performer's special skills?

3. In what era did early film begin to primarily grow?

4. Which company became renowned for their animation in the early years of World War II?

5. What was created in order to satisfy the demands of the Catholic Church (among others) in the 1930s?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the differing situations in both Europe and America in the thirties ultimately influence the film industry?

2. Discuss the innovative techniques developed by Alfred Hitchcock, Jean Cocteau, and Jean Renoir.

3. What were some of the themes explored in both French and Spanish films?

4. How did the position of film producer become part of the filmmaking process?

5. In the early days of the film industry, how did Griffith and others begin making their films more appealing to widespread audiences?

6. Discuss the financial status of American films and how this led to the rise of the studios during the early years of Hollywood's Golden Age of the Studio.

7. Who were some of the great entertainers that emerged from the talkies in the early years of the film industry that helped revitalize the audience's flagging interest and why?

8. Who was David Wark Griffith?

9. Who were some of the popular stars from the 1920s and of what did their acts consist?

10. What were the differences between early films from the United States and Europe?

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