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Louis Giannetti
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Flashback: A Brief History of Film Chapters 9-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What visual effect did Abel Gance develop?
(a) Polyvision.
(b) Staged combat.
(c) Explosions.
(d) Framing.

2. Who helped Edison open a Kinetoscope parlor?
(a) Jean Louis Meissonier.
(b) Eadward Muybridge.
(c) Norman Raff.
(d) William Dickson.

3. What did Meissonier's conversion of Muybridge's photographs create?
(a) An illusion of movement.
(b) A live-action special effects device.
(c) A sound machine.
(d) A projector.

4. What fear arose about an audience's viewing experience as films grew longer?
(a) They would demand their money back.
(b) It would be harder to follow the plot.
(c) They would start getting bored.
(d) They would dislike the actors.

5. What was Charlie Chaplin's film persona?
(a) The baby.
(b) The ladies' man.
(c) The swashbuckler.
(d) The tramp.

Short Answer Questions

1. As studios struggled to find the balance between pragmatism and idealism in the early decades of the Golden Age, which of the following people was not one of the great directors to innovate filmmaking in this period?

2. After what major event did film gain popularity in the USSR?

3. The Kinetoscope was developed by Thomas Edison and _______ _______.

4. As the studios bowed to pressure from outside groups during the Golden Age, what was one of the effects seen on the gangster movies?

5. What did Griffith as a director discover that elevated films from being more than technical achievements?

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