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Apokoto - The African town in which Capt. John Charity Spring's trading party meets King Gezo.

Balliol College - A bargue built in Baltimore, Maryland, but ostensibly owned and registered in Mexico, and mastered by Captain John Charity Spring.

Chartists - A working-class movement in Great Britain, pushing for civil rights.

Cleeve House - The fairish establishment in Seend, England, to which John Morrison takes his son-in-law, narrator Harry Flashman, hoping to launch him on a political career.

Middle Passage - A euphemism for the slave trade.

New Orleans, Louisiana - The bustling port city serving as a seaport linking the Mississippi River with the Caribbean.

Portsmouth, Ohio - The town on the north shore of the Ohio River beyond which the riverboat Bostona cannot move in icy conditions.

Sultana - A large, fast, side-wheel steamer, this is selected by Underground Railroad manager, Crixus, to take runaway...

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