Flash for Freedom! Character Descriptions

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Harry Flashman

This character is fresh home from Germany and a skirmish with Otto von Bismarck and Lola Montez, and has seen firsthand the bloody revolutions on the Continent. Believing that he has all the qualities of character needed in a politician - lies, dissembles, toadies, and turns tail, but some difficulty interfering in others' lives - this character decides to stand for Parliament.

John Charity Spring

He is a large, square man, with cold eyes, a hooked nose, and a scar across his forehead that reddens when he is angry. He studied the classics at Oriel College, Oxford, before they expelled him.


This character speaks like a New Orleans Frenchy, with golden skin and with the same delicate face found on Egyptian statues. This character's tall body reminds Flashman of a graceful Siamese cat.

Abraham Lincoln

Flashman describes him as an unusually tall man, with the...

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