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Chapter 1

• Flashman considers running for Parliament. His stepfather agrees for the simple reason an MP in the family makes good business sense.

• After Flashman's pregnant wife refuses to have sex with him, he turns to whoring.
• Flashman visits Morrison's rich banker friend at Cleeve House. Other prominent people are also in attendance and he knows he has to make a good impression.

• After dinner, a man called Benedict suggest the group plays a game of cards.
• Halfway through the game of cards, Bryant accuses Flashman of cheating. When members of the party search Flashman's coat, they find three cards.

• Determined to get his honor, Flashman chases Bryant through the house. He catches up with him on the stairs and smacks him in the face. He hits him so hard, he puts Bryant into a coma.

Chapter 2

• With Flashman worried Bryant will prosecute, he accepts Morrison's offer to send...

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