Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories Short Essay - Answer Key

James Thomas (professor)
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1. Explain the actions of the bears in Chile in "Brilliant Silence." Why do the bears act this way?

The bears in Chile are known to dance in the light of a full moon even though there is no music. It is said that the bears are following the lead of their ancestors that used to perform in the circus.

2. What causes the car accident in "Pumpkins?"

A truck filled with Halloween pumpkins is driving at a high speed down a road and rounds a curve. The man does not see a car making a U-turn and hits the car. The car is hit with such force that the driver, a woman, is decapitated.

3. How does the therapist behave in an unprofessional manner?

The therapist sees a patient that is extremely upset over the story of the car accident involving the pumpkins. The therapist also treats the husband of the dead woman and has been counseling him for two days regarding the death of his wife. The therapist says he simply cannot talk about the accident any more, even though his patient is in distress.

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