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James Thomas (professor)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fear: Four Examples through The Factory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "What Happened During the Ice Storm," animals are protected by being taken into the barn. One species of birds remains outside. What birds remain outside?
(a) Crows.
(b) Bluejays.
(c) Pheasants.
(d) Cardinals.

2. Where do the old stones want to stay?
(a) Desert.
(b) Mountaintop.
(c) Creek.
(d) Riverbed.

3. The boy uses two of his three wishes to change which of the following:
(a) Moon.
(b) Parents.
(c) Little brother.
(d) Appearance.

4. One day the man is _____ while at work.
(a) Fired.
(b) Robbed.
(c) Spit on.
(d) Accosted.

5. Although the boy is the nicest kid in the universe, he is not very ______.
(a) Tall.
(b) Organized.
(c) Bright.
(d) Thoughtful.

Short Answer Questions

1. in "The Paring Knife," how long had the knife been under the refrigerator?

2. In "Grace Period," a man is outside doing which of the following activities:

3. In "Mandy Shupe," a mother tells her daughter a story about Many Shupe, who is a ______.

4. The couple, hoping to reconcile, meets at an airport in which state?

5. What is the profession of Jimmy's father?

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