Objects & Places from Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories

James Thomas (professor)
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Chileappears in Brilliant Silence

In Brilliant Silence, the dancing bears perform in this location.

Spider Creekappears in Crossing Spider Creek

A man on horseback attempts to cross this body of water.

Mexicoappears in The Lampshade Vendor

In The Lampshade Vendor, the vendor tells a woman he used to tour this country.

Gold Coastappears in Gold Coast

A man compares the view of the skyline with this location, a place he used to go as a young man.

The Appalachian Trailappears in The Appalachian Trail

A young woman tells her husband that she is going to walk a 2,000 mile path on this famous road.

Crystal Beachappears in Mandy Shupe

A Mennonite woman abandons her church and heads for this location.

New York Cityappears in Snow

Yolanda moves to this location from a South American country.

Fargoappears in Draft Horse

In Draft Horse, a man in this location recalls how...

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