Daily Lessons for Teaching Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories

James Thomas (professor)
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Lesson 1 (from Brilliant Silence through Crossing Spider Creek)


In Brilliant Silence, bears tour in Chile and dance in the circus. The bears escape after their trainer is killed by a jaguar. After their escape, the bears live in Chile and on the surrounding islands. The bears' descendants learn to dance like their ancestors by the light of the moon. Examine learned behavior and how it effects the bears.


1. The Kodiak bears are trained to dance in the circus under the direction of a trainer. The trainer teaches the bears to perform beneath the bright lights in front of a crowd. Learn about animal training in and out of the circus. Why might someone choose to train an animal to perform certain tasks in and out of the circus? Have you ever been to a circus where trained animals perform? Have you ever trained an animal? Explain. What types of training methods are most...

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