Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories Character Descriptions

James Thomas (professor)
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Franky Gorkyappears in The Nicest Kid in the Universe

This character is the nicest kid in the universe.

Teddy and Louiseappears in Teddy's Canary

Friends of this couple, a middle-aged married couple, are reminiscing about the time one character almost dies.

Jimmyappears in Ponderosa

This character has been cheating on his wife and lying to his minister father about it.

Mr. Mumsfordappears in Mr. Mumsford

This is the real name of the school janitor known as "Bibs."

Yolandaappears in Snow

This character is a young Hispanic school girl who moves to New York City.

Ronaldappears in Fingers

This character begins to display strange behavior when he comes home from the war.

Bethappears in How to Touch a Bleeding Dog

This character passes away and leaves behind her bereaved husband and her favorite dog.

Christine appears in The Burlington Northern/Southbound

A man writes a poem to this character...

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