Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Thomas (professor)
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Brilliant Silence through Crossing Spider Creek

• Brilliant Silence: Bears tour in Chile and dance in the circus.

• The bears escape after their trainer is killed.

• The bears' descendants dance like their ancestors.

• Pumpkins: There is a terrible accident involving a truckload of pumpkins.

• A woman becomes hysterical; the woman's therapist cannot help.

• The therapist is reminded of a childhood trauma.
• The Stones: Young and old stones live in the desert.

• Young stones are anxious to get to the water.

• The old stones disapprove.

• The old stones are too comfortable in their ways and question everything.
• The One Sitting There: A woman cleans out her refrigerator.

• The woman's parents never threw away food.

• The woman has a hard time throwing out old bread because it reminds her of her dead sister.

• Crossing Spider Creek: A man craves solitude and goes out along on horseback.

• The man gets thrown and...

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