Objects & Places from Flags of Our Fathers

James Bradley (author)
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The Island of Bougainville

This place was where a Marine unit known as the Raiders were stationed.


This was the volcanic mountain where Americans raised the flag.

Iwo Jima

This was the smallest Japanese Island and was where one of the bloodiest battles in American story was fought.

Appleton, WI

This was where one soldier married his childhood sweetheart and raised eight children.

Oakland, CA

This was where one soldier was stationed for his first assignment at a military hospital.

The Tarawa Atoll

This was the location of the Japanese Navy's first defeat, which was also a moral and strategic victory for Americans.

Washington, D.C.

This was where three of the surviving flag soldiers were assigned to lead the national war bond drive.

San Diego, CA

This was where the flag raisers met while they trained for two months.

The Enola Gay

This was the plane...

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