Flags of Our Fathers Character Descriptions

James Bradley (author)
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Jack Bradley

This person grew up in Wisconsin, was one of five children, and was raised by a devout Catholic mother and overprotective father who encouraged him to join the Navy.

Mike Strank

This person was an immigrant who arrived in the U.S. at age three. He grew up to become a natural born leader and intermediary, and then became a Sergeant in the Marines and was the oldest of the men in the photo.

Franklin Sousley

This person was born in Kentucky, and his parents struggled as tobacco farmers. He was drafted by the Army and joined the Marines, and he was killed shortly after the flag-raising.

Harlon Block

This person was born in Texas and was a high school football player who joined the Marines with his teammates, but he did not make it off Iwo Jima alive.

Ira Hayes

This person was born on...

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