Flags of Our Fathers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Bradley (author)
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Chapter One: Sacred Ground

• In "Chapter One: Sacred Ground," James, his brothers, and mother went to Iwo Jima to the site of the flag raising.

• John never told his family about war time or that he received the Navy Cross.
• Iwo Jima was the bloodiest battle in the Pacific.

• 2/3 of American soldiers fighting in Iwo Jima either died or were wounded.

• Of the 6 who hoisted the flag, 3 were buried on the island.

Chapter Two: All-American Boys

• According to "Chapter Two: All-American Boys," John's father, James, was a WWI veteran working for a railroad company. His mother was Kathryn and was a Catholic home maker.

• During the Great Depression, James moved to Appleton, WI with his 5 children and wife.

• John joined the navy to preempt the draft.

• Franklin Sousley's parents were tobacco farmers in Hilltop, KY.

• Both Franklin's older brother and father died during his childhood, leaving his mother...

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