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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Eleven, where is the story set?

2. Who takes over Eddie's job?

3. Who is the fourth person Eddie meets in Heaven?

4. What happens to Eddie's belongings?

5. What does Eddie's co-worker say about Eddie?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Eddie's relationship with Joe.

2. What was Eddie's relationship like with his father?

3. How will Amy or Annie's visit to Heaven be connected to Eddie?

4. Eddie washes Tala with a stone. What is the significance of this action?

5. How is Chapter Twelve used as the denouement?

6. Eddie's father saves Mickey Shea. Considering Mickey's actions, what does this rescue say about Eddie's father?

7. Is the estate attorney's view of Eddie accurate? Why or why not?

8. Explain Ruby's lesson to Eddie.

9. How does the reader know that Eddie's memory will be kept alive at the Pier?

10. What does the reader learn about Eddie through the short snippets describing his various birthdays?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marguerite tells Eddie "Life might end, but love does not." At the point in the novel that Marguerite shares this insight with Eddie, he is learning that he has made many connections with various people on earth. How might Eddie now understand that Marguerite's advice is relevant to the relationships he has had with other family members, as well as with her? How might her advice be connected to Eddie's job and relationships with the children he keeps safe?

Essay Topic 2

Albom changes the setting many times throughout the novel, but Ruby Pier remains as the main focus. Discuss how the Ruby Pier of Eddie's childhood, the Ruby Pier of the past, and the Ruby Pier of the present serve as effective settings for the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Albom includes the time Eddie serves in the war as an important part of Eddie's life. How is Eddie's emotional state similar to the physical destruction caused by war? How does Eddie finally make peace with himself throughout the novel?

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