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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eddie's co-worker say about Eddie?

2. How does Eddie help to make Tala whole again?

3. Chapter Fourteen serves as what part of the plot?

4. What happens between Eddie and his father?

5. Who is the fourth person Eddie meets in Heaven?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Chapter Twelve used as the denouement?

2. How does Albom use Eddie's birthdays to pass time in Chapter Twelve?

3. How is Eddie's and Marguerite's relationship impacted by the fallout from the track and Marguerite's accident?

4. What symbols does the author use in Chapter Twelve?

5. What does the reader learn about Eddie through the short snippets describing his various birthdays?

6. At this point, Albom has shown the reader a span of seventy-five years in only ten, short chapters. How is Albom's storytelling effective?

7. How will Amy or Annie's visit to Heaven be connected to Eddie?

8. How does Eddie feel when he returns home from the VA hospital?

9. Describe Eddie's relationship with Joe.

10. Eddie washes Tala with a stone. What is the significance of this action?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mitch Albom effectively uses symbolism throughout the novel. Discuss why his use of color as a symbol works to help deliver the impact of the rising action.

Essay Topic 2

Eddie learns that his life has helped to save the lives of many others. How might the five people Eddie meets in Heaven be impacted if Eddie had NOT been involved in their lives? Discuss how the Blue Man, Tala, Amy or Annie, Marguerite, and Ruby might have entirely different lives if it were not for Eddie.

Essay Topic 3

Consider the fact that Eddie still worked at the Pier at age eighty-three. Next, recall Eddie's relationship with his father and his brother. Using facts from the novel, write an essay where Eddie's father and Eddie's brother are two of the people Eddie meets in Heaven. What lessons would they teach Eddie? How might their interactions play out?

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