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Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Eddie play with the erector set he received for his eighth birthday?

2. What does Eddie remember thinking, right after he dies?

3. What talent does Eddie have that eventually helps him escape from prison during the war?

4. What color is the sea that Eddie sees?

5. What happens between Eddie and his brother in Chapter Five?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the meaning of the Captain's quote, "When you sacrifice something that is precious, you don't actually lose it. "

2. Discuss the significance of the title of Chapter Three, "The Arrival".

3. Discuss the foreshadowing of Uncle Mickey's character with regard to his actions towards Eddie on his fifth birthday.

4. How does the author traverse time and introduce the reader to different points in Eddie's life?

5. Before Eddie speaks to the little girl at the park, about what/whom was he daydreaming?

6. Why is Eddie confused about the fact that he is still on Ruby Pier?

7. What happens when Eddie realizes the danger is not over at the Freddy Free Fall?

8. What happens at Freddy Free Fall to cause Eddie to reevaluate the safety of this ride?

9. What are the first images the reader gets of Ruby Pier?

10. How is Eddie feeling, now that he has awakened in Heaven?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mitch Albom effectively uses his own experiences with relatives to create Eddie and his other characters. Draw connections between the people in Albom's life and those in Eddie's life. Write an essay paralleling the similarities and contrasting the differences.

Essay Topic 2

Mitch Albom tells the story of Eddie by using many effective literary devices. How does his use of flashback, foreshadowing, and suspense propel the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Many themes are seen throughout the novel. Three that are most prevalent include: forgiveness, acceptance, and the importance of love in a person's life. Using the three aforementioned themes as points in your response, highlight what you have learned about these themes as used in the novel.

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