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Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Blue Man, what is Heaven for?

2. What happens to Eddie at the end of Chapter One?

3. What talent does Eddie have that eventually helps him escape from prison during the war?

4. What world event is happening in Chapter Five?

5. What dance does Eddie recall before the time he was crippled?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance, or lack of significance, of time in Heaven?

2. The Captain tells Eddie that dying is only the beginning. What could the Captain mean by this statement?

3. Discuss the significance of the title of Chapter Two, "The Journey."

4. What does the reader learn about "Eddie Maintenance" in Chapter One?

5. Discuss the significance of the title of Chapter Three, "The Arrival".

6. Discuss the meaning of the Captain's quote, "When you sacrifice something that is precious, you don't actually lose it. "

7. The readers learn that today is Eddie's birthday. What is his mood as the little girl approaches him in Chapter One?

8. The Blue Man tells Eddie, "there are no random acts...we are all connected..." Explain this quote as it relates to the Blue Man and Eddie.

9. How does Eddie's time spent on the Pier save him during the war?

10. What is Eddie's role in the death of the Blue Man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Albom introduces the reader to a little girl in Chapter One named Amy or Annie. Why is her name unspecified? Aside from the fact that Eddie tries to save her, what is her role in Eddie's life? What is Eddie's role in her life? How will the story continue to spin, even after the end of the novel, as outlined by the author?

Essay Topic 2

Mitch Albom introduces silence as an effective symbol several times throughout the novel. Identify three different instances where silence is employed, and explain why its use is so effective. Make sure to cite your references.

Essay Topic 3

Tala is the fifth and most important person Eddie meets in Heaven. What does she teach Eddie? Why is Tala so important in Eddie's life? Why does Albom introduce her as Eddie's last person, rather than using Marguerite, Eddie's great love?

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