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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dance does Eddie recall before the time he was crippled?
(a) "Starry Eyed-Hop."
(b) "You Are the Love of My Life."
(c) "I Finally Found You."
(d) "You Made Me Love You."

2. Who does the author introduce in a flashback at the end of Chapter One?
(a) Eddie's brother.
(b) Eddie's girlfriend.
(c) Eddie's father.
(d) Eddie's friend.

3. What does Eddie discover he CANNOT do when he wakes up?
(a) Run.
(b) Move.
(c) Talk.
(d) Breathe.

4. What happens to the field where Chapter Seven opens?
(a) It turns to a forest.
(b) It disappears.
(c) It becomes lush, green, and unscarred.
(d) It burns up.

5. What birthday does Eddie celebrate in Chapter Five?
(a) Seventeenth.
(b) Eighteenth.
(c) Twenty-first.
(d) Thirteenth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eddie feel after he has died?

2. Who says, "the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect....death doesn't take someone, it misses someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed, lives are changed."?

3. What does Eddie do for a living?

4. What happens to the little girl that Eddie talks with on the platform of Freddie Fall?

5. Why can't Eddie play with the erector set he received for his eighth birthday?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the significance of the title of Chapter Three, "The Arrival".

2. How does Albom reveal the relationship between Joe and Eddie in Chapter Four?

3. What is the significance, or lack of significance, of time in Heaven?

4. In Chapter Seven, how does Mitch Albom use suspense to propel the action?

5. Discuss the foreshadowing of Uncle Mickey's character with regard to his actions towards Eddie on his fifth birthday.

6. What happens when Eddie realizes the danger is not over at the Freddy Free Fall?

7. Before Eddie speaks to the little girl at the park, about what/whom was he daydreaming?

8. Eddie no longer feels any pain. Why might his loss of pain be significant to being in Heaven?

9. What does the reader learn about "Eddie Maintenance" in Chapter One?

10. What happens in the plot when Eddie asks the Blue Man if he saves the little girl at the Pier?

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