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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What birthday does Eddie celebrate in Chapter Five?
(a) Seventeenth.
(b) Thirteenth.
(c) Eighteenth.
(d) Twenty-first.

2. As discovered in Chapter Six, for what is Eddie saving his money?
(a) To attend school for engineering.
(b) To attend school to become a mathematician.
(c) To attend school to become a construction worker.
(d) To attend school to become a teacher.

3. What literary device does the author repetitively use to reveal clues about Eddie's life?
(a) Metaphor.
(b) Personification.
(c) Flashback.
(d) Simile.

4. What lesson does Eddie learn in Chapter Seven?
(a) That love is painful.
(b) That forgiveness is easy.
(c) That sacrifice is essential.
(d) That war causes permanent damage.

5. Whose philosophy reads, "When your time came, it came, and that was that"?
(a) Eddie's.
(b) Marguerite's.
(c) A child's.
(d) Eddie's father.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Eddie at the end of Chapter One?

2. In Chapter Three, where does Eddie stop at the Pier?

3. What promise did the Captain make?

4. What does Eddie do for a living?

5. How does the author portray Uncle Mickey in Chapter Two?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Eddie's encounter with the first character he meets in Heaven, the Blue Man.

2. In Chapter Seven, how does Mitch Albom use suspense to propel the action?

3. What happens when Eddie realizes the danger is not over at the Freddy Free Fall?

4. Discuss the significance of Albom's use of color in Chapter Two?

5. Discuss the significance of the title of Chapter Two, "The Journey."

6. What does Eddie feel from the Blue Man when the Blue Man hugs Eddie?

7. Why is it significant that Eddie's body feels like that of a child when he first meets the Blue Man?

8. What happens at Freddy Free Fall to cause Eddie to reevaluate the safety of this ride?

9. Discuss the significance of the title of Chapter Three, "The Arrival".

10. The Pier serves as a home for the Blue Man, and as a place with many memories for Eddie, some fond, some unpleasant. Discuss the significance of the encounters at the Pier in Chapter Four as a place to confront damaged emotions.

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