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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is different about Ruby Pier when Eddie wakes up?
(a) It is the Ruby Pier of the past.
(b) It is Ruby Pier of Eddie's childhood.
(c) It is the new Ruby Pier.
(d) It is the Ruby Pier of the present.

2. How does Eddie celebrate his birthday in Chapter Two?
(a) At a picnic at the Pier.
(b) With a nice dinner.
(c) With a party at home.
(d) With a pony ride.

3. What happens to Eddie at the end of Chapter One?
(a) He becomes crippled from an accident at the Pier.
(b) He celebrates his birthday.
(c) He quits his job at the Pier.
(d) He dies in an accident at the Pier.

4. Who says, "War is not a game. If there's a shot to be made, you make it, you hear? No guilt. No hesitation...."?
(a) Eddie's brother.
(b) Mickey Shea.
(c) The Captain.
(d) Eddie's father.

5. What literary device does the author repetitively use to reveal clues about Eddie's life?
(a) Personification.
(b) Metaphor.
(c) Simile.
(d) Flashback.

6. What causes the Blue Man to become blue?
(a) Eating too many blueberries.
(b) An overdose of silver nitrate.
(c) He wants to join the carnival, so he swallows pills.
(d) Drinking poisonous cleaning fluid.

7. What dance does Eddie recall before the time he was crippled?
(a) "I Finally Found You."
(b) "Starry Eyed-Hop."
(c) "You Made Me Love You."
(d) "You Are the Love of My Life."

8. Where does Eddie wind up on his journey through death in Chapter Two?
(a) In a field.
(b) At the Pier.
(c) Under water.
(d) In Heaven.

9. When is Chapter Three set?
(a) In the future.
(b) During the present.
(c) In Eddie's past.
(d) Before Eddie was born.

10. What does the author use as symbolism in Chapter Two?
(a) People.
(b) Colors.
(c) The birthday song.
(d) The Pier.

11. What causes malfunction to the cable holding the Freddie Fall car in place?
(a) The young man's lost car key has shredded the cable.
(b) A teenager decides to hang on the cable as a dare.
(c) The cable has rusted after years of use and salt-water air.
(d) A penny has lodged in the cable, causing it to stick.

12. What does Eddie learn about Heaven in Chapter Four?
(a) It is a dream.
(b) It has many steps.
(c) It is difficult to attain.
(d) It is subjective.

13. What happens between Eddie and his brother in Chapter Five?
(a) They part ways forever.
(b) They get into a fight.
(c) They decide to never speak again.
(d) They get into an accident.

14. What does Uncle Mickey do to Eddie during his birthday?
(a) Bumps Eddie's head several times.
(b) Gets into a fight with him.
(c) Kisses him.
(d) Slaps Eddie's shoulders in congratulations.

15. Where does the reader first meet Eddie?
(a) In his apartment.
(b) In the hospital where he is first born.
(c) Ruby Pier.
(d) At a dance with Marguerite.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Captain receive from Eddie?

2. What does Eddie hear once he dies?

3. What happens to Eddie's leg?

4. What birthday does Eddie celebrate in Chapter Five?

5. The reader learns that Mitch Albom is clearly trying to share what with the reader?

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