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Ruby Pier of the Present

An ocean side park with rides and games that teems with people during summertime, despite the advent of giant theme parks.

Ruby Pier in the Beginning

The grand entrance bedecks this park before a fire destroys its original glory and its owner's wealth.

Ruby Pier in Eddie's Childhood

A carnival sideshow visits this place during days of old, before viewing deformed people for entertainment becomes unacceptable.

The Model-A Ford

This object, representing a sign of the times, almost causes the demise of one character, but instead, its owner dies of a heart attack.

The Philippines

A war zone or a peaceful spot for children.

The Rifle and Bayonet

The first clues to remind of wartime, these objects hold a helmet and dog tags.

The Bamboo Prison

Deprivation and abuse occur here for four men.

The Coal Mines

Brutal work occurred here, followed by...

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