Daily Lessons for Teaching The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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Daily Lessons

Objective: The book begins with the main character, Eddie, a maintenance man at Ruby Pier amusement park. Most students are young adults, and intense struggle and old age are in the distant future. It is important for students to connect their own lives, the life of the author, and the life of the protagonist. The objective of this lesson is to familiarize the students with the main character and provide relevance to Eddie's struggles.

1) Task #1 - Class Discussion: Eddie lived through a war, was married, is impacted by his parents and works at a profession where he is unfulfilled. What are some of the experiences that have been highlighted in Chapter One? How old is Eddie? What are some of the struggles the reader discovers that Eddie has had to face?

Task #2 - Individual Writing assignment: Write a one to two page reflection on the following questions...

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