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Olga Lengyel
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What scientific benefit resulted from Dr. Mengele's experiments involving human subjects?
(a) Safer gas masks were designed.
(b) No scientific benefit.
(c) He discovered penicillin.
(d) A vaccine for polio was developed.

2. Why were pregnancies sometimes hard to catch in the initial selection at the station?
(a) The German officers did not always pay close attention to details.
(b) They were difficult to miss because there were so many people at the station.
(c) Out of fear, many women tried to hide their pregnancies.
(d) Many women wore several layers of clothing, hoping to be able to keep them all.

3. After the liberation of Auschwitz, what did the Moscow professor discover in his autopsies of female internees?
(a) Three out of every five died from malnutrition.
(b) Nine out of every ten had a withering of the ovaries.
(c) Forty percent had been surgically sterilized.
(d) Sixty percent had arsenic poisoning.

4. How much did Olga pay in order to buy a piece of cloth and have a nurse's blouse made?
(a) All of her tea for a week.
(b) Eight days' ration of bread and three soups.
(c) Three days of margarine and bread.
(d) Eight days of bread.

5. What were the prisoners who worked outside of the camp forced to do as they marched into and out of camp?
(a) Pull the work wagons.
(b) Carry away dead bodies.
(c) Salute the S.S.
(d) Sing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why could Olga not get a sample of the mysterious powder that was put into the prisoners' food?

2. How many women were in the march that left from Birkenau with Olga?

3. What was distributed to internees as they entered the gas chamber that helped to convince them that they were actually headed for the showers?

4. What did Olga and her bunk mates have for a "farewell supper" when she left Block 26 to go to Block 13?

5. After June of 1943, how were most Aryans executed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Irma Griese become angry with Olga?

2. What purpose did the building known as "Canada" serve, both for the Germans and for the inmates?

3. What was the difference between "organization" and "theft"?

4. Why does Olga say, "I could never decide whether it was harder to dig ditches next to the crematory or work near the railroad station..."?

5. How did the Russian, Dr. Mitrovna, save Olga's life?

6. What examples did Olga offer to illustrate the emotional strength of some prisoners?

7. What metaphor did Olga use to describe the "scientific experiments" that the Nazis performed on prisoners?

8. How did the conditions in camp reveal a person's true nature?

9. Why did Olga and her colleagues begin to murder newborn babies?

10. How did the Germans react to an unusually low report of pregnancies among the women inmates?

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